Bandibbul apple

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Bandibbul apple
"Banditbul Apples" are produced by the pure eco-
friendly agricultural method in Muju Gucheondong, the
region of fireflies, that is a clean zone that is located at the mountain highland 250 ~500m above sea level.

Therefore, those apples have the features of unparalleled 'good taste & storability' when being compared with the other apples from other regions in the aspects of sugar content, fruit flesh and fragrance, etc., since sweet thick syrup, so called 'honey', is formed in the flesh by being affected by the special temperature gap during a day by more than 20째C. So, they are renowned as the top quality brand and have maintained its position as the top premium pricing brand at the Garak-dong Comprehensive Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in Seoul for 7 consecutive years with the high popularity.

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