'Hankwa', Traditional Korean Cookies

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'Hankwa', Traditional Korean Cookies
Banditbul Hankwa, is made in the traditional korean method by kneading the dough through our mothers' hands and dried at the warmer part of " ondol" room ( traditional under-floor heating room) by adding undiluted solution from sanmeoru( wild grapes) to the dough which makes the unique taste of hankwa. 1st class of glutinous rice is the main raw engredients of hankwa .The wild grapes and glutinous rice were grown through the clear, clean environment and rich sunlight and it's produced by Muju Gucheondong.

The sweet and sour Banditbul Hankwa is a luxury brand, which received the bronze prize at the year '2000. Our Foods Globalization Fair' governed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and has realized the affectionate taste of the hometown.

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