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Minjuji Mountain
Minjuji Mountain
Minjuji Mountain rising 1,242m above sea level
is located at the utmost northen east region of Jeonlabuk-do, South Korea, and is a noted mountain having the Samdobong (Three Province Peak) dividing the surrounding regions into three provinces, that is, Chungcheongbuk-do, Jeonlabuk-do
and Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Therefore, it once played a role as a border between Shilla and Baekjae Kingdoms during the era of Three Kingdoms in Korea. Centered on this mountain, there are some renowned places, such as a scenic masterpiece of Chungcheongbuk-do, 'Mulhanri Valley', and a Buddhist temple, 'Jikji Temple', at the foot of Mt. Hwangak in Gimcheon City,

Gyeongsangbuk-do on the north and 'Seokgibong' (1,200m) bearing the smiles of 'Mae Samdubul' (Three Buddha Heads-shaped Rocks, 1,181m) and 'Dobong', which was a point branching the three provinces when the administrative districts were divided into 8 provinces in the 14th year of the throne period of a king, Taejong, (1414) on the eastern south in order for them to overlook the three provinces.?

※ The Three Buddha Heads-shaped rock is carved into the rock cliff at Seokgibong.

Location, Transportation, Accommodation, Information, Hiking Course
Location Daebul-ri, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 568-813
Transportation Downtown of Muju ⇒ Seolcheon: 18 kms, taking 20min. by bus
Seolcheon ⇒ Micheon-ri: 7 kms, taking 20min. by bus
Accommodation Available for homestay facilities in the seat of Seolcheon-myeon, Daebul-ri and Micheon-ri, etc.
Information Seolcheon-myeon Office (+82-63-320-2603)
Hiking Course Entrance to Buldae ⇒ Buldae Village: 1.5 kms
⇒ Minjuji Mountain: 3 kms (4.5 kms in total)
Entrance to Buk-dong ⇒ Nae-Buk-dong (1km) ⇒ Araejung Valley: 1.5 kms ⇒ Seokgibong forked roads: 0.5km ⇒ Minjuji Mountain: 2 kms (5.0kms in total)

#97, Jugye-ro Muju-eup, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 55517, Korea TEL : 82-63-320-2114 (OFFICE HOURS : 09:00~18:00), FAX : +82-63-320-2115