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Johang Mountain
Johang Mountain
' Mt. Johang (799.3m) is located at the boundary between Bunam-myeon and Jeoksang-myeon, Muju-gun passing along with Mt. Dumun, Anseongchi, Joduchi, Mt. Bonghwa and Mt. Buldang starting from the Hyangjeok Peak of the Deokyu Mountains.

If Mt. Johang were translated into Korean, it means 'Saemok' and it is also called 'Gitdaebong' or 'Gukgibong' since it was surveyed while flagpoles are erected by Japanese surveyors under the Japanese rule. When standing on the top of it, you can look down the whole open brilliant views in all of the directions. From the north, a chain of peaks, Seokgi Peak and Samdo Peak of Mt. Minjuji come near into sight amicably.
When turning the head to the east, the lines of branch ridges of 'Baekdudaegan' (White Head Great Ridge), which ranges from Mt. Jeoksang to Mt. Nam-Deokyu via Hyangjeok Peak from afar, dance with swaying the limbs. To the west, Mt. Jijang, which embraces Oknyeo Peak and Mt. Jiso, is located very closely to it and also behind the Mt. Jijang, Mt. Unjang and Mt. Mai, with its two pricked-up horse ears are caught on eyes at a sight. A watercourse of Geum River (Geumgang), which has flown down via Juk-do after being originated from Subunryeong in Jangsu-gun, Jeonlabuk-do, flows around the foot of the mountain and it is hugging the picturesque scenary of the 'Jukdampalgyeong' (8 scenic spots of Jukdam) in the Jukdam Valley.

Location, Transport, Accommodation, Information Desk, Hiking Course
Location Mt. Johang, Daeso-ri, Bunam-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 568-852
Transport Muju ⇒ (9.5kms) ⇒ Gadang-ri (the Seat of Bunam-myeon, taking 40min. by bus)
Accommodation Available for homestay facilities in Bunam-myeon
Information Desk Bunam-myeon Office ((+82) 063-320-2606)
Hiking Course Bunam (1.5kms) ⇒ Shipjabong (1.0km) ⇒ Saemok Fork Road (0.6Km) ⇒
Summit of Johang Mountain (3.1kms)

#97, Jugye-ro Muju-eup, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 55517, Korea TEL : 82-63-320-2114 (OFFICE HOURS : 09:00~18:00), FAX : +82-63-320-2115