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Jijang Mountain
Jijang Mountain
Jijang Mountain (773m) is located at the boundary
between Ancheon-myeon and Bunam-myeon, Jinan-gun on the north of Yongdam Lake. It embraces Oknyeo Peak and Mt. Jiso and the ridge of the mountain plays a role as a dam confining the water of Yongdam Lake. So, the particularity of the lake view, which is overlooked from the top line of the ridge, is beyond description.
Location, Transport, Accommodation, Information Desk, Hiking Course
Location San 98-1, Gochang-ri, Bunam-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 568-852
Transport Muju ⇒ (9.5kms) ⇒ Gadang-ri (the seat of Bunam-myeon, taking 40min. by bus)
Accommodation Available for homestay facilities at the seat of Bunam-myeon
Information Desk Bunam-myeon Office ((+82) 063-320-2606)
Hiking Course Seomso (1.5kms) ⇒ Jiso Mountain (1.5kms) ⇒ a fork of the ridge (1.1kms) ⇒ summit of Mt. Jijang (4.1kms)

#97, Jugye-ro Muju-eup, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 55517, Korea TEL : 82-63-320-2114 (OFFICE HOURS : 09:00~18:00), FAX : +82-63-320-2115