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Muju Resort
Muju Resort

Muju Resort is located within the Deokyu Mountain National Park. The area is about 707 hectares. It is a representative mountain resort in Korea, and resort for four seasons pursuing for the state harmonized with nature & human beings and arts & health on the basis of the basic concept of the harmony between nature and human beings. It boasts of fantastic scenic beauty enough that you may be illusioned as if you were in an European country when you step into the entrance of the resort, since Muju Resort seated within the gorgeous natural environment of Deokyu Mountain and all the infrastructure, such as each building and street, etc., are harmonized with the mountain terrain in an Austrian style.

Location, Transport, Facility, Information Desk, Homepage
Location 185 Manseol-ro, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
Transport Muju (35kms) ▷ Muju Resort: it takes around 40min. by shuttle bus.
Facility Available for Family Hotel within Muju Resort, Accommodation Facilities within Gucheondong
Tourism Complex at the entrance of the Resort Available for homestay in Baebang Village
and Samgong-ri Homestay Village
Information Desk Muju Resort ☎(+82)(063)322-9000
Bandi Land

Bandi Land

Bandi-Land: Bandiland is a theme park consists of an Insect Museum, Nature School, Firefly Astronomical Observatory, Camping Groun for youth, Green House, Natural Recreation Forest, Log Houses, for accoodation, Swimmin pools, Green House, Firefly Ecology etc. The park is about 37,000 pyeong(a pyeong =400/121m2). It is a place where tourists can meet fireflies enjoy and take a rest in nature with vivid experience.

Facilities, Entrance Fee, Contents, Remarks
Facilities Insect Museum & Dome Screen & 3D Virtual Reality Visualization Room
General Group
(more than 20 people)
Insect Museum Adult : 5,000 won
Middle & High
School Students:
3,000 won
Child(ages 5~13):
2,000 won
Senior : 3,000 won
Adult: 4,000 won
Middle & High School
Students: 2,400 won
Child(ages 5~13) :
1,500 won
Senior : 2,400 won
A Fossil Cave, An Insect
Museum, An Ecology
Experience Exhibition
Hall, An Ecologic Hot House
Opening Hours
: 9:00 am ~ 4:30 pm
Adult: 2,000 won Middle
& High School Students:
1,000 won Child: 500 won
110 seats
(A reservation is
required for a group.)
3D Virtual
Free A Life Span of Fireflies 58 seats

Taekwondo Park

Taekwondo Park

A Taekwondo Park, which will be the Mecca for 60 million Taekwondo participants from 182 countries all over the world and also one of the most proud cultural assets and tourism attractions of Korea, The park was constructed in Muju, Jeollabukdo.

We will take the stepwise measures to accomplish our vision to build up a grand place for the cultural exchanges between the Taekwondo persons from all of the countries
and as the hub of the Taekwondo Culture and Martial Arts
Industries with an aim to make it a World Cultural Heritage, "the Korean Taekwondo Park", which
will be constructed by us during our generation.
The place, which harmonizes the traditional and modern architectural styles together, will be the mental
homeland of all the Taekwondo participants from all over the world.

Construction Area, Total Area for Project, Project Period, Entrance, Educational and Training Zone, Cultural Tourism Zone, Symbolized Zone
Construction Area Area of # San 119-11, Socheon-ri, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeonlabuk-do
Total Area for Project Muju (35kms) ▷ Muju Resort: it takes around 40min. by shuttle bus.
Project Period: 2005 ~ 2013 (Starting the Construction in 2009 and Completing it in 2013)
Entrance - Instruction Hall (for professionals)
- Training Hall (for general ascetics)
- Graduate School of Taekwondo
Educational and
Training Zone
Tourism Zone
- Visitors Center
- Open Square for Taekwondo
- Taekwondo Exhibition Hall
- Taekwondo Experience Hall
- Taekwondo Village
- Taekwondo Hall of Fame
- Masters Hall of Fame
Gucheondong Tourism Complex

Gucheondong Tourism Complex

It is the center of Muju Gucheondong and has a complex consisting of the bus station, parking lots, accommodation facilities, amusement arcades, various restaurants and shops, etc., as a place clustered with various facilities with which the tourists can use as well as the control office of Deokyu Mountain National Park. The tourists can enjoy sightseeing connecting with Muju Resort as well as hiking along with the beautiful scenic spots of Gucheon Valley.
Location, Transport Training Zone, Accommodation Tourism Zone, Information Desk Zone
Location Shimgok-ri (Deokyu Village), Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun
Training Zone
Muju (38kms) ▷ Gucheondong Bus Station: It takes around 40 min by intercity bus.
Tourism Zone
Available for accommodation facilities within the Deokyu Mountain National Park and camping at the camping sites
Information Desk Zone Control Office of Deokyu Mountain National Park ☎(+82)(063)322-3174
Deokyudae Comprehensive Camping Ground

Deokyudae Comprehensive Camping Ground

This comprehensive camping ground, which is
established at the foot of Mt. Chilbong, Muju
Gucheondong, is a large-scale camping ground taking over very wide area that can accomodate around 10,000 campers.

It is well equipped not only with tent-setting areas, but also with a large-scale assembly ground with an open-air stage and the training center, which is used for a lecture or convention hall, as well as a physical training center, shower rooms, parking lots and the
heliport, etc. The general camping ground of Mt. Deokyu has been used not only for various international events held by various Youth associations, such as Korea Scout Association, etc., but also for a body & soul training ground by the students from various schools and the staffs of the domestic leading companies in order for them to enliven their spirits. Accordingly, since the whole area is illuminated by the lights emitted by the numerous campers at nights in summer, it is a place making Gucheondong famous.

Location, Transport Training Zone, Accommodation Tourism Zone, Information Desk Zone
Location Samgong-ri (Deokyu Village), Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun,
Training Zone
Muju (38kms) ▷ Gucheondong Bus Station: It takes around 40 min. by intercity bus.
Tourism Zone
Setting up a tent at the camping site
Information Desk Zone Administration Office of Deokyu Mountain National Park ☎(+82) (063)322-3174
Bunam Riversides Amusement Park

Bunam Riversides Amusement Park

Geumgang stream, which has flown around Gamdong village in Jinan, flows again starting from Seomso village via Daeso-ri, Daeyu-ri and Gulam-ri winding zigzag? into the down stream of the river while making the 13.5kms long riverside the whole amusement park very lengthily. Geumgang stream meandering the center part of Bunam-myeon belongs the utmost upstream of Geumgang river. And since the water is very clean enough that the bed of the stream can be seen through onto it clearly, the kinds of fish, which can be seen only in clean water, such as mandarin fish, Korean aucha perches, spotted barbells, goby minnows and flat fish, etc., inhabit. On the other hand,

the white sand shores and peculiar rock cliffs forms a magnificent scenary along the stream, so all the places where you visit are the amusement parks. Especially, a serging crowd of vacationers gather around the white sand shore of Bonggil village, the riverside of Hanti village, the riverside of Sanggul village, the white sand shore of Hagul village as well as the river side of Daeso village. Moreover, the peculiar rock cliffs displayed like a wall screen on the opposite side of Sanggulam village, the Hwangsaemok Cliff on the opposite side of Hagulam village, Sangsabawi in Daeti village and Gaksibawi in Bonggil village are the scenic spots, which should not be missed to visit.

Location, Transport
Location Bunam-myeon
Transport Muju ⇒ to Bunam (by taking a county bus, the panoramic view linked to Buban can be appreciated on a bus.)
* Automobile: Turn right at Muju I.C. (toward Geumsan) ⇒ Yongpo bridge ⇒ Geumgang Motel (in direction of Gulam-ri) ⇒ Sanggulam ⇒ Hagulam ⇒ Sangsabawi in Daeti village ⇒ Bunam-myeon ⇒ Daemunbawi (taking around 25min.)
Naedo-ri Riverside Amusement Park

Naedo-ri Riverside Amusement Park

This place, which was called 'Geumhae' meaning that the water line of Geumgang goes around that area, was also named 'Naedo-ri' under the meaning of an island in the inland, which all around of that area is surrounded by the river water.

The water line, which was flown around Daecha-ri after having started from Bunam, reaches Apseom village and touches the Changam Cliff while widely meandering around it to flow down into the down side of the river via Duiseom village.

The whole riversides covering a large-scale area, which are laid by pebbles and golden sands, become the sand shores and the rock cliffs consisting of the peculiar rocks surrounding the

mountains on the opposit side are very fabulous as if we can see a small Geumgang Mountain. Especially, Chilamso, where ancient people used to enjoy boating, presents a marvelous scenary along with Chilam Mountain rising stiffly while putting down its foot onto the river bed.
Muju Hydro-Pover Generation Plant

Muju Hydro-Pover Generation Plant

Upper Power Generation Plant
- Type of Dam : Middle cut-off
-wall type Stone Dam
- Dimension of Dam : Height : 60.7m
* Length: 287m *Volume: 920,000㎡
- Full Water Level : EL.860m
- Storage Capacity : 3,450,000㎡

Lower Power Generation Plant
-Type of Dam : Middle cut-off-wall type Stone Dam
-Dimension of Dam : Height: 42.6m
* Length: 234m *Volume: 550,000㎡
-Full Water Level : EL.278m
-Storage Capacity : 6,400,000㎡

Underground Power Generation Plant & Tunnel
-Power Generation Plant : Width: 21m * Height 49m *Length: 98m -Tunnel: total 6,646m

#97, Jugye-ro Muju-eup, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 55517, Korea TEL : 82-63-320-2114 (OFFICE HOURS : 09:00~18:00), FAX : +82-63-320-2115